Scrambled Eggs and Anchovy

"Bon" was unanimously declared the new head chef of "Villa Palawena" last night. He showcased his cooking prowess when he bested me and the former Kitchen Queen, Chonette. Thanks to his pinakbet that put him to the highest post in the villa.

This morning, as i was dozing myself to stay in bed longer, the aroma of his scrambled eggs and anchovy greeted me with open arms. Their aroma just technically woke me up as if commanding me to stand up. 

Our breakfast was superb and way better than yesterday. I think he is putting something to make his dishes tasty and there is a technique that needs to be followed. With that magic (lol),  I'm sure he has a long way ahead of him. Anyways, his scrambled eggs and anchovy can also be of help to put himself higher than his post to date hehe.


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