Stir-Fried Curry Seafoods with Rice

I can't recall myself ordering a different dish when I'm at the Black Canyon Coffee. There are some add ons but I always have this "stir-fried curry seafoods with rice" as my main. I like it not because it's the only thing I know but because the first time I tasted it - it's been marked under my "favourites" category. 
The waiter handed us the menu. I was looking thoroughly on each of the dish so as to try a new one this time, thinking the "new" will be my favourite too. But since there was no new item on the list, I immediately turned the pages and went straight to my favourite.

"Anee na Krub", I said to the waiter in Thai. It is sort of like saying "This one". He immediately wrote it down. A few minutes later, my favourite was served in hot. And the rest is history.


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