Thai Lechon?

Lechon is a popular food in Spain and in almost all of its colonial possessions around the world. The word "Lechon was derived from the Spanish word leche which means milk, thus its literal translation in English would be roasted suckling pig.

It is prepared throughout the year more specifically during weddings, birthdays, holidays, and other occasions. The pig is cooked and is placed over burning charcoals whilst being roasted on all sides for several hours - until the skin becomes crispy.

On June 11, 2011 in Thailand, the Filipino community celebrated the Philippine's 113th independence. Each region presented its popular dish to the community. The region 4 with the help of Mr. Primo managed to obtain a lechon. Kudos to him! I was not able to taste the lechon, though.  Anyway, here is the Thai Lechon in three different shots.


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