How do you call yourself?

You probably wonder as to why did i come up with this title. Well, on July 29, 2011 our friends' daughter celebrated her 7th birthday at Coffee N' More Restaurant (belated happy birthday Cje). It was a fun filled night with lots of dancing and all - but before that of course, the waiter served some of their delicacies. You can see from these photos that it looked like a fish roll. I checked google but found nothing of this sort online. Here, have a closer look on the next photo and tell me if you happen to know what is this called.

The fish was rolled with some veggies inside (can you say fish meat, anyway?). On top if it are basil leaves,sliced and ground chilies, and lettuces. I can vouch that this Thai food is delectable and juicy. However, for those who are not fond of spicy food, you have been warned! But then again, i think it's worth a try.


Edited: I was told by a friend that this is another Pla Thaptim cooked differently. They call it spicy steamed thaptim.


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