Fresh Lumpia

Lumpia is not new to me as it's one of my favorite food especially during breakfast or dinner. I don't know why not much during lunch, though. Anyway, this featured lumpia is a popular dish in the Philippines. Locals call it "lumpiang sariwa" or fresh lumpia in English. Wrappers are soft and are made with eggs. The inside are mixtures of ground pork, veggies, and other stir-fried ingredients. 
Fresh lumpia is served with peanuts, turnips, and sauce. You can also add some fresh veggies like the ones you see above to make a good food presentation.

If you are interested in trying it out sometime in the future, here's the link i found that gives a very good description in preparing and cooking it. Click HERE.


I love fresh lumpia ... with the peanutty sauce ... sarap ... (feeling ko mali spelling ng peanutty or there's no such word hehe)

I love fresh lumpia especially if the sauce is good.. :)

Peanutty? Never heard the word either lol. Thanks for dropping by. Have a good one, Kay.

Hi there, Sumi. If the sauce is terrible, it wouldn't make a good lumpia, would it? Kaya dapat talaga masarap din ang sauce para mas masarap ang kain.

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