Thinly Sliced Squid in Sauce

Squid is one of my favourite food especially if it's grilled. But any type of food with squid on it is just as the same. I had the taste of a sourly yet sweet squid in sauce as part of our food menu for the wedding. It was my first as I'm only aware of grilled, fried, and marinated or seasoned squid (adobong pusit).
It was served with a very little sprinkled black pepper with thinly sliced fennels as toppings. It looked proportionally sliced from its tentacles to its tail, making it a "squid with stripes" from a far. 
I'm sorry but I don't have the link to give you on how to prepare this tasty dish, nor even know how people really call it. But if you like to have a taste of it - visit Dos Palmas Island Resort in Palawan, Philippines. It's a mouthful, you won't be disappointed. 


I love squid too especially stuffed squid. However, you should be careful when preparing it. Squid cooks quickly that if it gets overcooked, it becomes rubbery. Then, it will take you hours to get the right quality back.

I have had squid the way it's prepared here. It looks yummy. Maybe the sauce used is oyster sauce?

Didn't know it gets rubbery if it's overcooked. Also, i have no idea what sauce was used to prepare it. You maybe right :)

Squid whatever style of cooking is my favorite. Be it grilled, adobo, or with little soup is perfect for my viand. Hmmm... I love it. I don't know this thinly sliced squid in sauce taste?

Hmmm, it's tasty from the taste bud of Gil Camporazo of RandomThoughts!

I love squid if the the cook is adobo but i'll try this one...thanks for sharing..

Thank you for sharing this! Will try this recipe one of these days. I hope it'll lbe as good as the one inyour photo :) I haven't tried cooking squid yet other than the usual adobo.

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