Tasty Sukishi

I was not much into Japanese food until last week when we dined at Sukishi restaurant in Central Plaza here in Phitsanulok. I've been to other Japanese restaurants, yes, but never had I tasted a food with excellent taste like Sukishi's. Theirs is superb and is on my highly recommended list. 
As you can see from the photos its presentation was normal. In fact it doesn't posses other fancy add-ons lining on all the corners nor having these intricate designs that makes the food a real mouthful. The first time I saw it I thought it was just like the others, similar taste with not much of a difference. But hey, I was amazed because the word delicious fits perfectly. 
We were the ones who cooked every single thing they put on a very large plate. It was for us a complete amazement because everything including the sauces were scrumptious. And because of that, we plan to go back sometime soon. Sukishi, please do wait for us.


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