Morgen Burger

Two nights ago i had tasted the what they call infamous burger in Phitsanulok. I was told by other people their own horror stories about the burger saying that it's too salty, too spicy, too whatever! I decided to give it a try and ordered one for myself. I was a bit skeptical though for the fact that they might be right. But of course i need to have a taste of it really, just to make sure. 
It looked ordinary a burger to me when the waiter handed over the plate. I was under the impression that the presentation would be a bit different, but to my dismay, the burger resembled street burgers at the price of 25 baht. I am not by the way ranting and that i don't eat those type of burgers on the street. It just so happened that i was at a nice restaurant down the city, expecting a great food.
Honestly, the happy moment left me - thinking i made a wrong decision of ordering one. But good thing i did because the burger tasted just fine. A little pouring of some seasoning made it a great snack that night. Yeah, it was just a snack not the main course if you are wondering. If i come across that burger again anywhere, i still have it ordered. I think i kinda like it now!


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