Sweet and Sour Fried Pla Thapthim

My cutie godson Addie celebrated his first birthday at Fhatai Farm Restaurant four days ago. It was raining hard and the restaurant was kinda far but it didn't stop us to celebrate good times with him. One of the food served during the party was a deep fried fish covered in a sweet sticky sauce with cilantro leaves. 

I was overwhelmed with its good aroma that I failed to ask the waiters as to how they call this in Thai. The next day, i showed the photos to my Thai friend and was told that it was Pla Thapthim. This red-hybrid Oreochromis niloticus that means "pomegranate fish", according to her, is a type of tilapia that can be cooked in a variety of ways. 

Some prefer this fish to be salted and grilled while others like this to be boiled with a "man-now" (lemon). These are just but suggestions. You can always modify it and try something new. Who knows it might surpass the original :) Well, it was one of the foodies i personally enjoyed that night and i must admit that i will have it ordered if i eat out sometime soon!


That sounds like a great celebration. The fish looks so tasty.

Ohh...another fish recipe...I must admit...I wanted more of it when it suddenly disappeared in our table.

i love fish and this one is just so yummy!

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thanks so much!

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