Tot Man Pla (Deep Fried Fish Cake)

Deep fried fish or locally known as tot man pla is one of the many famous fried dishes in Thailand. I had my share of this on Addie's birthday on August 11. There were lots of great foods and in fact, I already featured some of them here. Fried mixed vegetables and sweet and sour friend fish were the ultimate favorite of the people present. I never saw a single one with much skin left. If fish bones are soft, they might be devoured as well.

And just because the two dishes mentioned above were such a great hit, that doesn't mean that tot man pla never left its legacy. It stole the limelight as kids enjoyed its rough, yet soft and juicy texture. I enjoyed it myself too. It's easy to order and can really be a great treat to anyone, adults and kids alike. You can also put a sweet and spicy chilli sauce for an added taste.

So what are you waiting for? Have a break. Have a Tot Man Pla!


Nice mid-week dinner idea, thanks for sharing.

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