Fried Mixed Vegetables

Fried mixed vegetables or Pad Pak Ruam is a dish that can be found in any restaurant in Thailand. It's easy to cook and won't keep you waiting if you are in a hurry or about to pass out because of extreme hungriness lol. It chooses no religion because it can be served without meat (vegetarian friendly).  But for those who like an add on - pork, chicken, beef, squid or prawns can be included.

Pad Pak Ruam can be a main or a side dish depending on your preference. It can be spicy if you like it to be with some chilli pouring of course. Once tried, I am sure it will be enjoyed by everyone including kids. 
Like it? Sorry but i can't cook Thai food. I can give you a site which i think is easy to follow, though. Just a minute read and you are on your way of cooking this tasty dish. Have fun cooking

Click HERE


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