Yum Woon Sen

Let's go back to Thai salad, shall we? Fact of the matter is, Thailand never runs out of salad because they have several varieties of it. One of their salads i tasted barely a week ago was the sweet, sour, and a bit spciy yum woon sen.

A friend recommended this to us but we were a bit skeptical about the taste. What if we didn't like it? Should we throw the plate to her? LOL. Seriously, all of us liked it when it was served on our table. It really smelled good too. 

Yum Woon Sen is a salad combined with minced pork, Chinese celery, chopped carrot, bean thread noodles, sliced tomato and onion, and salt. The color can be very red if the pepper is crushed real good. They said the redder the color the better. If you like it that way, hot sauce can be an alternative.

Try it! It's nice, promise!


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