Pamuek Phat Pong Kari

To spare you from other well-known Thai salad even for today, i thought of sharing this delectable dish instead. Crab is the most popular choice for this method of cooking but other seafood can be at par and works perfectly as well. This is what they call Pamuek Phat Phong Kari or squid with egg and curry. 

It is known that Thai people love to eat spicy food  and the phrase "mai phet mai aroi" (not spicy not delicious) just perfectly goes with it - a very popular phrase especially to foreigners. Why? Because you will be hearing a lot of that specifically if you are eating together somewhere and their choice is spicy - while yours is not. Fortunately, if you are not an avid supporter of hot food then this one can be as good a choice because it's no too hot and it suit all tastes. Unless you want it spicy then chillies can be added.

For real, this is mouthwatering and all people i know really like Pamuek Phat Pong Kari. Unfortunately, squid price is skyrocketing but the squid taste mixed with the tasty flavor of curry make it more than worth the cost.


I am a fan of Thai food. Big fan.I think because I am from Kedah the state bordering Thailand and my grandfather was from Patani, Thailand. :)

Love you dishes here. If you want to exchange link let me know.


Hi Umi,

Thanks for visiting and loving my dishes. Yours too are very delectable. All smile here!

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