Somtam is a popular dish in Thailand, Cambodia and Laos. It is made up of sliced papaya, beans, chilli and lime. Salty fish sauce, shrimp and other exotic thingie can also be added to have its own variation. Many Thai considered somtam as one of Thailand's best national dishes. Because it is spicy, this Thai salad can literally heat you up with smoke coming out of your ears lol. 

Just before we head out home we saw a lady working with her mortar and pestle. Instantly, we knew it was a somtam. We stopped and bought one for only 20 baht. Very cheap, yeah? After about 3 to 5 minutes it was finished.

Somtam can be bought anywhere - from expensive restaurants to street stalls stationed even in the darkest part of the city. With that statement it is no wonder why it's popular here. In fact, questions like "Have you tasted somtam yet?" and "Do you know somtam"  are always on top of the list if you meet a Thai national for the first time anywhere, anytime. These were asked to me in figures i can no longer count. Take that!


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